Saturday, July 3, 2010

PHP-5.3.2 availability in ~arch imminent

So, another status update on PHP... If you're following PHP in Gentoo closely, you might already fear this will turn into a never-ending story. It's been over a year bug #274512, requesting 5.3 to be added, has been filed and we're now three days after the release of PHP-5.3.0. Well, sorry! Real-life has taken a heavy toll with all of the php team members.

Okay, on the bright side, the PHP team has had tremendous support in the last months. Thanks again to Vladimir Tsisaruk and Ole Markus With, who I already mentioned in the last post. They were joined by more awesome tinderbox testing by Diego (flameeyes) - many thanks for the dozen bugs you found and filed! Thanks to Christian Hoffmann for background discussion and insights, too! As well as an uncounted number of users who helped on bugs, you were most helpful.

And now the news: we currently have 60 bugs assigned to the php team, and no more critical bugs left on the PHP-5.3 Tracker. And as promised, I'll push php-5.3.2 out of package.mask accordingly. This is your one-time heads-up that php-5.3.2 will hit your testing system tomorrow, 04.07.2010, around 10.00GMT.

In other news: I touched a few packages today, updating them for PHP-5.3. If I stepped on someone's toes while doing this: I'm sorry if I broke something! If you find a message in your package's Changelog mentioning bug #298205 that means I updated your package to EAPI2 or just updated your {R,}DEPENDs to directly depend on "dev-lang/php" and whatever USE-flags you needed. To get the gory details, just have a look at the linked bug.

So, to sum it up: php-5.3.2 will be available without more work on your part if you're running a testing amd64 or x86 system tomorrow (4.7.2010)! Sorry to the other arches, please help your respective arch-team test the PHP-5.3 awesomeness on bug #321743. It will still have raw edges and some packages still fail to compile with it (have a look at the bugs assigned to to get the full picture), but for the overwhelming part of our tree it works just fine now! Enjoy!

P.S.: I'll start on a post detailing the changes coming your way with PHP-5.3.2 right away...

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