Monday, June 14, 2010

Introduction aka Why yet another blog?

In short: I've been updating Gentoo's PHP-related packages lately. The communication mostly happened on IRC or via the team's wiki and I wanted to reach a wider audience as we near the introduction of PHP-5.3 and some other high impact stuff.

I already mentioned IRC and wiki as two "news" outlets, so why another one?
Well, for the first, IRC is transitory, time-dependent and a high-noise medium. It is not suited for one-to-many communication and anyone who has ever tried reading an IRC-log values a well written summary. The PHP team currently does this on the team's wiki. And if it were just for technical details and archive functionality, the wiki would be totally sufficient.

So this blog is for reaching out to developers and users alike to get a (hopefully) current grasp of all the things happening inside the gentoo PHP team. Expect to see explanations and heads-up for new PHP versions, eclass/eblits/package RFCs and the occasional general PHP post on stuff currently in the works upstream.

I'm not going to discuss PHP programming here. This is not a tutorial space. However, if you have cool (read: big, heavily modified, servings truckloads of users, etc.) applications of gentoo PHP somewhere, just email me at and I may feature it here.

See you on the flip side, Matti

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